Most of our clients and medical travelers want to save costs with medical check-ups they could do for much cheaper in Vietnam. Actually the cost is their 3rd reason for not having a check-up and the 2nd is they dont have the time.

As some insured members feel the need for check-up, there is 1 big reason, not mentioned in the survey above is ‘Not trustworthy hospital’ in terms of equipment or professionals

When I am asked ‘which hospital should I go to get value for my bucks’, it is a pity for Vietnam clinics that  I have to keep silent when referring Lab tests and imaging facilities, for at least 4 reasons:

#1 TESTING CONSUMABLES is where the ‘savings, fakes, thefts and skimming’ are the easiest by the staff, even if the medical equipment is pristine and state-of-the-art

#2 EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE by the makers of medical machinery imported is expensive when you have to fly top-experts from abroad especially when the maintenance contract is expired after the guarantee period. who maintains the equipment

#3 TRAINING & STAFF TURN-OVER state-of-the-art equipment requires regular expertise training, updates and ever-learning mindset for the operators. The lack of such personnel in the medical sector makes it difficult to establish trust in expertise.

#4 PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY is not guaranteed by law or by the employees who are largely unaware about the world standard best practices. NB. Libel and breach of confidentiality laws does not exist or are disregarded as minor to the judge… unless it caused serious injury or death!

Unfortunately, it is safer to point to Thailand, Singapore or your home country as a referral tor medical check-ups and imaging.

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