It starts with a safe ‘lets grab a cheap beer in Pham ngu lao backpacker area.
It is clear that most people would not see a ‘no risk outing’ in the combination of ‘vietnam safest tourist place’ in the world + ‘let’s grab a cheap beer’ + ‘the liveliest district in Saigon’ + the ‘cool backpacker Bui vien walking street’

Business risk enters the place,
In fact, the area is the attraction of hundreds of thousand budget tourists every year which means business owners need to be very ‘creative’ and smart to survive any business in the area. In other words, very few make it playing by the books, honestly and ethically.

When you owe money, undermine a ‘muscled’ competitor, steal clients, business trade secrets, the location of the incumbent, all sort of things can happen to your clientele or our personal health. Hiring the mafia guys is so cheap and the police in the area has long delegated ‘safety’ to the business owners to take it in their own hands to sustain their business area.
One of the main problem is that most the profitable underlying business are never the sustainable because downright illegal, you name it…

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