COVID Compulsory health insurance to enter Vietnam

During 2020, COVID-19 disputes over who will pay the costs of medical treatment and quarantine have been raging. The argument goes:”if a government imposes a quarantine and a treatment in their chosen facility whilst not proven ill or Covid positive, why should I pay?”. The solution has been to make medical insurance cover for travelers and expatriates mandated by many countries that have opened their borders to visitors. You can arm yourself with travel medical insurance for unforeseen medical emergencies you may face abroad.

In Vietnam, under Official Letter No. 3949/CV/BCD dated 24 July, issued by the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control on: 

  • Health insurance and medical costs related to Covid-19 treatments (if any) are to be borne by the individuals or organisations sponsoring their visa/work permit;
  • Organisations that sponsor the experts’ visa/work permit are responsible for ensuring the safety of Covid-19 prevention and control of the experts.

Why Are More Countries Requiring Medical Insurance?

The list of countries that require health insurance upon arrival had been gradually increasing over the years before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Negative experiences of unpaid medical bills by foreigners have caused hospitals and healthcare organizations to push for insurance requirements so that these incidents are less likely to happen.

Many countries have now implemented testing requirements, quarantines, and proof of health insurance that includes COVID-19 treatment coverage upon their reopening.

See which countries require travel insurance, travel medical insurance, or COVID-19 coverage for entry. Just Google ‘country Covid19 compulsory medical insurance’

The Covid19 mandated health insurance indicative list below is growing by the days

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Corona virus covered in health insurance

What is a Covid19 Medical Insurance certificate?
You/your sponsor inviting you to work or stay in Vietnam will need to provide a Insurance Certificate issued by the Insurer showing:

“ your name, Covid19 treatment costs are fully covered -or to a high limit commensurate with local hospitalization costs, for the duration of your stay”

It can be a travel or expatriate medical insurance matching the trip duration as per your air ticket.

Learn more on Covid19 insurance certificate for immigration

IMPORTANT NOTE: the insurers will not pay for Quarantine costs or tests even mandated by the host country you travel to. They will only pay for treatment costs if you should be Covid positive.

The current designated hotels that serve as paid quarantine locations in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are as below:

quarantine locations in ho chi minh city and hanoi
All above content is accurate as at 18 September 2020.

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