US grants Việt Nam US$9.5 million to combat COVID-19

According to a press release issued on May 1 by the US State Department quoted by the correspondent of the Vietnamese Information Agency (VNA) in Washington DC, Vietnam will receive aid totaling 9.5 million USD to fight COVID-19, including 5 million to the Economic Support Fund. The US $ 5 million in economic support from […]

Coronavirus: 79 dead and 2500 people infected in Italy

The coronavirus epidemic is progressing in Italy, where the number of cases reached 2502 cases on Tuesday, and where 79 people died. It is the third most affected country in the world. Seventy-nine people infected with the new coronavirus have died in Italy since the start of the epidemic, 27 more in 24 hours in […]

How does the coronavirus affect the body?

The fight against the new coronavirus has been a battle against the unknown for doctors. How does it attack the body? What are the different symptoms? Who is most likely to be seriously ill or die? How do we treat it? Studies by doctors on the front lines of the epidemic in Wuhan, China have […]

100 cases in France, gatherings of more than 5,000 people in confined spaces canceled

CORONAVIRUS – Nearly 3000 dead and more than 85,000 patients worldwide: the coronavirus continues its contagion. In France, 100 people have been infected. Symptoms, canceled events, closed schools, number of deaths, wearing a mask or not, card … Tips to protect yourself from the epidemic. The latest report shows 85,997 people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 […]

Coronavirus: contamination is accelerating across the planet

More than 78,000 people have been infected in around 30 countries. In Europe, Italy has five deaths and France is preparing for a possible “epidemic”. The pneumonia epidemic is accelerating across the globe Monday, February 24. Some 78,000 people have been infected worldwide, in around 30 countries and territories. South Korea and Iran are on […]

Coronavirus: 150 new deaths recorded in China

The toll of the epidemic of viral pneumonia Covid-19 reached Monday 2,592 deaths in mainland China after the announcement of 150 additional deaths, announced the health authorities, while reporting a decline in the number of new infections. It has been 11 days since China had registered as many deaths, the Guardian recalls. The rest of […]