10 Livres à lire pendant votre quarantaine

Début février 2020, je fus interloqué pendant l’interview d’une jeune francaise sortant de 15 jours de quarantaine après son évacuation de Wuhan en Chine où elle étudiait qui se plaignait de son extrême ennui qui l’a rendue dépressive. “Après avoir posté des selfies et des vidéos de son séjour, elle ne savait plus quoi faire […]

10 Books to read during a quarantine


A few weeks ago I was reading an interview of a French lady who was quarantined and I was surprised to read about how the boredom affected her. After posting some selfies and updates on social media,  she did not know what else to do with her time. She went crazy after 5 days not […]

What Expatriates can learn from the death of Robert Bicknell

My friend Robert Bicknell, who passed away recently, wrote in the following posthume article, that his greatest fear is to be forgotten. I ask all of you as a favor to read his last interview with Golf Magazine at https://vietnamgolfmagazine.net/en/noi-so-lon-nhat-la-bi-lang-quen?fbclid=IwAR2JeJoAgomhaR6O0MbnLzTqObkUZEcpLgJuHhPNK6bez-lfFC66e_triTQ You will get to see his courage, his grace and good humor that made him so beloved. His […]