Buy Covid travel insurance Vietnam - Asia - Worldwide

Travel Visitors for work Expatriation or Tourism, will need a travel insurance to cover the costs of Covid with a mimum limit of $25K, 50, 80 or $100,000. In effect, it is a medical insurance that is requested because a Covid ICU hospitalization is a minimum of 20 days including the recovery time and the 2 PCR negative tests

  • Vietnam Travel pass by Luma Health Vietnam
  • Thailand Travel pass by Luma Health Thailand
  • ASEAN Travel pass -for serious travelers in multiple ASEAN countries- by Luma Asia Vietnam
  • Rest-of-the-World travel pass -for any duration, anywhere- by ACS Globe partners
  • For Expatriates visiting their home countries your worldwide heath insurance may cover you or this travel plan -is a bit special as they are the rare one to cover a Country citizen travelin in its own country-   ACS globe traveller will do the job. NB. the rationale behind being a British is not supposed to buy a travel insurance to visit the UK-.